Tips for choosing a Domain Name

09 September 2021 Anindya Mutsuddy

You’ve probably figured it out by now. Major search engines like Google like what their user base likes. That is, it looks into which websites manage to attract relevant chunks of traffic. Therefore, first and foremost, when choosing a domain name, you should consider your target customer’s perspective as well.

The shoulds and should nots

Firstly, the domain name you choose should not look like it’s representative of a spam website. Be short, to the point, and choose a name that doesn’t look like it’s going to spam a user with pop-ups the moment they set foot in it. 

Secondly the domain name you choose should be synonymous with the brand image you’re going for, be easy to read, and be memorable. Not just to you, but to your target customer base as well. Your customers should be able to associate the domain name to your brand image.

Thirdly, the name should be relevant to your niche, and should sound authoritative.

Fourthly, something you really shouldn’t do is that you should not make use of intentional misspellings. While it may seem and feel creative to you at first glance, not all of your customers will appreciate this apparent creative flair. You do not want to have confused customers. 

Last, but certainly not the least, try not to use numbers and hyphens on your domain name. When an individual hears about your domain name, they may not necessarily know whether to spell out the number, or use the numeral itself. In the same instance, they may also type in your domain name without a hyphen, and subsequently end up in an entirely different website.

But what if your business name happens to be an acronym? By all means, use it in your domain name. Click on ledigedomæ, for more tips and tricks on domains and SEO strategies.

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