How to Clean New Windows

09 August 2021 Amber Zia
How to Clean New Windows

Some workers go a step further by giving crystal clear windows on the move-in day. However, other workers do not do such a favour. You might observe smudges, dirt or streaks which are a result of poor cleaning. New windows do not demand much upkeep but it is also not a “fit and forget” product. In case you are left to clean the new windows yourself and are confused about how to do it properly, keep reading. 

Things required to clean new windows

To professionally clean the new windows, erase all the dirt. Experts do this by utilizing a wand or sponge to apply a cleaning solution. This solution is often a blend of soap degreasing agent and water. During the wiping of the glass, dirt is shifted to the sponge. To erase the leftover solution, squeegees are utilized. 

A professional squeegee is usually made by a brass channel that retains a rubber blade. The rubber usually goes forward the brass below the length of an inch which makes it inflexible whereas brass is a soft metal that does not scratch glass. These professional squeegees are found in hardware stores where concentrated glass cleaning solutions are also available. However, this solution can be easily made at home as well. The conventional window glass should be handled with care after it is cleaned. This is because the glass is open to a destructive post-construction atmosphere. Glass is a porous and comparatively soft material after just being made. 

Wrapping it up

So, this is how you clean new windows. Remember to regularly clean them and focus on the window frames as well. Routine cleaning of windows increases its lifetime. If you have aluminium windows, maintenance of frames will keep the finishing fresh. Observe the windows which are subject to more pollution as they will require increased checking. 

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